Jerrick Harding

Flag: United States on Apple iOS 15.4 Combo Guard | 188cm | April 13th, 1998

Team: Basquet Manresa | Liga ACB

1st all time points scored @Weber state  | 21/22 Czech NBL MVP


J is a microwave, an elite shot maker. He can heat up at any given time. 

The Shifty lefthanded combo guard’s elite accelleration a desceleration speeds in additon to his ability to move laterally allow J to get to his spots at will

He’s never gonna be the talest guy on the court, but J gets up there. I suggest you watch your head!
Signed to play for Basquet Manresa  for the 22/23 season  after an MVP season with Nymburk and an NBA Summer League campaign that had him averaging 13.8pts &  4ast on 22mpg for the Dallas Mavericks.

J is an achiever, don’t be surpirsed if you see him in THE league soon.

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