COJ x bam easter camp (Oslo, norway)

ages: 14-19
DATES: APRIL 3 & 4  
time: 9.00-14.00
Pro open 2: April 4th 14.30-16.30
Location: athletica domus, oslo, norway 

Cole is a Miami-based basketball development trainer among many other things. He has  experience training levels ranging from NBA and college players to youth players all over the world.  

A basketball movement he started in high school as a 16 year old, has within 8 years grown into a global movement with an audience of over 500,000 people of all levels and walks of life.

What Coleman  and his team have been able to build on his knowledge of and ability to teach the game of basketball is truly inspiring.

He’s here for a basketball camp, but what he has to teach has value  way beyond the basketball court if you listen closely. 

COJ x Drillo camp (Oslo, norway)


coming soon…

Skill development


Strength and Conditioning

At COJ Basketball we strive to develop well rounded players that are physically and mentally
prepared to perform at the next level. This means that in addition to developing the appropriate
technical skillset and tactical IQ on court, we ensure our players also develop the strength and
physical performance attributes needed to excel.

Our Performance coaches work with our players to create sustainable and long term training
protocols that ensure players become stronger and faster. This promotes sound, year-long
development of our players' physical capabilities and increases the likelihood of players staying
injury free.
Our coaches have extensive experience working on strength and conditioning development for
high level basketball players in the U.S, Norway, and beyond, and help athletes of all levels
develop and improve their basketball physique.
Players participating in the Performance Training Program can expect to improve:
Strength and Power
Vertical Jumping
Multidirectional Explosiveness
Mobility and Flexibility

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