Harald frey

Flag: Svalbard & Jan Mayen Combo Guard | 188cm | May 27th, 1997
Team: BG Göttingen | Basketball-Bundesliga

Big sky Freshman of the year | second all time games played @ Montana State


Harald is a point guard with elite shot and playmaking ability off the catch. His ability to sprint into shots from all sorts of positions coming from all sorts of  angles make him a nightmare to defend once he lets the ball go. He averages 12 “don’t let him shoots” a game.

On the ball, he’s quick and creative but composed and strong enough to wrestle with the giants down the lane. Making him a real threat to finish at the rim or stop short for a mid range pull up.

After an impressive career at Montana State, he’s been a problem at every level he has set foot on the court, it’ll be exciting to see what’s next in store for H.

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