Coj x bam eastercamp recap

We Appreciate you all pulling up to our first Oslo based camp. Here’s a short recap of some movements we worked on, songs we played and people we got a chance to work with.  

rhythmic floats


Pick your song, try to float on beat. 

If the sound of the ball bouncing clashes song, figure out why and try again.

(If it ain’t your hands, it’s probably your feet)

Completing one float dribble is pretty straighforward.
Completing floats back to back is not that complicated either.
The challenge in this instance is to control both the placement and timing of each one of our float dribbles. If you have full control of your body and the ball, this warmup drill should be a breeze. 
If you catch yourself moving faster or slower than the beat, accept the challenge of finding out why that is. 

negative step

Let your bodyweight drop. This could be the downhill motion after a float, jump, hezi, etc. 
As opposed to landing with both feet simoltaneously, let your back foot land and push off the floor before your top foot gets a chance to land.

  • Pay attention to what part of your top foot makes first impact with the floor and how that foot landing affects your overall motion.

floats into negative steps


Combining both motions seen previously, float until a signal  (of choice) gives you the green light to drive using a negative step.

We used music, the moment the song pauses, we’re live.

  • Feel free to seek variability in what you use as a signal. Whether initiated randomly, by the offensive or defensive player.
  • Approach the drill with the intent to reduce the timespan between the signal, your reaction to the signal and how long it takes you to leave the position you’re in after your reaction. (reduce wasted motions)


Negative first step

Trying to work on the same move to take off on the catch as opposed to off the dribble. The advantages of the move remain the same. Your defender jsut has different reasons for falling for it.
A negative step does not need to be an actual step. When you know what you’re looking for, it could be as simple as finding stance. A quick shift in bodyweight should be enough to recreate the same feeling we would have finding our negativeve step off the dribble. 

Negative step off the dribble

Apply direction to your negative step. A hesi or a simple change in momentum while headed downhill can potentially lead to a useable gap between you and your closest defender. 
The variation we’re working on in this case is a simple back to front negatitve step. 

 When in full control of the pace and directions of your negative step, the movement becomes a very hard do defend going downhill. (Among a plethora of other suitable scenarios)


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Coleman Ayers

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